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G2 HR's Digital Health division is dedicated to the fulfilment of Sales and IT positions within organisations specialising in deploying technology products and services in to the Healthcare market place.

We have recognised a growing niche in organisations that are dedicated to the advancement of technology that in turn improves efficiencies in Hospitals, eases access of information for clinicians and patients and overall will save money and improve patient outcomes. We are experts in resourcing sales and IT talent within:

  • e-Health

Over the last decade we have seen the NHS and Private Healthcare market adapt to the advancement in technology and utilise innovative solutions to improve efficiency, outcomes and overall patient care. This technology has revolutionised how Healthcare professionals perform their day to day responsibilities and given them access to real time data improving visibility and understanding of each individual patient through different Clinical Information Systems.

  • m-Health

Mobile Health technology is changing the way care is provided and how we as individuals monitor our own health. This technology not only enables Healthcare professionals to update information on the move, it also enables them full access to a patients records at point of care providing a fully integrated system.

  • Telehealth

Telehealth equipment is used to monitor long term conditions either by the patient themselves or by Healthcare workers. There are real benefits for both the patient and the clinician. The individual patient has more control and understanding of their long term health condition, and the clinicians utilising telehealth as part of a care pathway can ensure that they are proactively involved in the ongoing wellbeing of their patient, managing timely interventions and helping to improve their patient’s quality of life.

  • Informatics

Health informatics is one of the fastest growing areas within healthcare. In its simplest term, health informatics is about getting real time information to the right person at the right time. It is critical to the delivery of information to healthcare professionals so they can deliver the most appropriate care.

  • Wearable monitoring

Wearable technology can be used by individuals to monitor a range of different attributes relating to their own health. With this information integrating with clinical systems it provides clinical data for your healthcare providers to help improve patient care. (You might have something to add to this)

  • Apps

Mobile Health applications are very much the future for patients, giving them access to information they have never had visibility to previously. The integration of these applications and Clinical Systems within Primary and Secondary care is transforming the way patients and clinical professionals communicate, giving patients transparency over their own care pathways.

Our services include permanent and contract solutions provided by a team that have in excess of 20 years experience of the medical technology market and are dedicated to providing the most committed service and knowledge in this specialist market.

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