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Did you know that around 131 million working days are lost through sickness absence in the UK every year? Making even a small investment into the health and wellbeing of your staff can have a substantial impact by not only reducing sickness absence, but also by boosting productivity and positivity in the office.

It makes perfect sense that happy, healthy staff are less likely to take time off sick or ultimately less likely to look for another job – so why not do something positive for your employees today to make them feel valued? To start with, you could look at something as simple as arranging a fruit delivery. A piece of fruit can give a mid-morning energy boost and spark positive discussions in and out of the office.

Employee benefit company Benefex have recently started receiving weekly Fruitdrop boxes and announce each delivery with an entertaining internal email. The staff at their Southampton office were rather shocked to learn that banana pasta was once a popular dish in Italy, but hey, they never said that all the facts were true…

That’s just for starters though – (or elevenses) – another great way to encourage employees to look after their health and wellbeing is through a flexible benefits scheme. A scheme (like the ones implemented by Benefex) can include as many benefits as you require, covering everything from dental insurance to relaxing spa days.

One of the most popular employee benefits out there, which has a great record of improving general health and wellbeing, is the ‘Cycle to Work’ initiative. With a high take up amongst keen cyclists and a fantastic way to get budding health enthusiasts on a bike, Cycle to Work schemes have a hugely positive impact on sickness rates and alertness in the office.

Of course, wellbeing is about more than just physical health and it doesn’t have to be costly. There are plenty of little things you can do to give staff morale a boost, such as a well-equipped kitchen to prepare lunch andhaving milk on hand for not only tea and coffee during the day, but to have with morning cereal too.

Another great idea is to get staff involved in organising events or themed office days. You could set up a Social Committee and use a suggestion box to monitor feedback. Above all, always remember that communication is key – no one will know what a great employer you are unless you tell them!

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