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Improving employee mobility with HP’s EliteBook

Enterprise mobility is no longer just about checking emails. According to recent research, three quarters of companies have already invested in a mobility solution. And with the pace of the modern business environment, they require much more than the ability for employees to view their inboxes.

What is needed now is rapid access to corporate and customer information, as well as software for tasks such as video conferencing, time management and sales support. In fact, research suggests many companies see providing mobile technology for employees as a greater priority than creating apps for customers.

HP’s EliteBook range has been created to make the most of the potential of mobile working and keep businesses connected for longer. The products are packed with business-class features to make them lightweight, fast, durable, secure and highly portable.

At the top end of the series is the HP EliteBook Folio 1040, which features premier security, a multi-finger touch screen and optional integrated HP Mobile Broadband featuring 3G and 4G LTE – keeping SMEs connected on the road. Consistent with the EliteBook range, it comes with HP’s SureStart program, the industry’s first self-healing solution that automatically detects malware

The robust products have been tested to US military standards for resistance to dust, humidity, altitude, and high temperature. And their designs, which are 40 per cent thinner and 28 per cent lighter than the previous generation, have withstood tough testing for drops and vibration.

HP is embracing the benefits of intuitive, time-saving finger gestures for PC operation, and has developed an enhanced touchpad on the Folio 1040 that allows you to use movements similar to those for a tablet or smartphone.

Also in the range is the HP EliteBook 840, which features a 14-inch touchscreen that is optimised for Windows 8, and the HP EliteBook Revolve 810, which can be turned into a tablet with a rotating 11.6ins display.

Because the modern SME worker needs constant access, both in and out of the office, HP has developed longer-lasting batteries. Even with a 14ins screen, the Folio 1040 runs for nine hours and 45 minutes, while the 840 notebook can be fitted with an optional 33-hour battery.

The latest EliteBooks have Windows 7 Professional 64 preinstalled – something to consider for businesses migrating from XP. And the range is powered by fourth-generation Intel Dual-Core processors, meaning they provide mobility without sacrificing the performance needed for diverse business tasks.

For a more compact notebook, HP offers the EliteBook 820. As with the range’s other models, the laptop boasts a combination of security, management and performance features created for enterprise on the move, but uses a 12.5ins screen. Alternatively, the HP EliteBook 850 Ultrabook has a large 15.6-ins display.

In response to a business environment where employees use multiple work areas, HP has created the UltraSlim Side Docking Station, which connects EliteBooks to accessories such as printers, monitors or keyboards without the hassle of plugging multiple devices directly into the laptop.

This complements the global move away from centralised IT services, and the preference for cloud-based working and mobility. Research suggests around 50 per cent of UK businesses are using some kind of cloud service, with the figure predicted to rise quickly in the next few years.

These modern needs have driven the development of the nimble EliteBook series, which responds with industry-leading features to strengthen security and lower downtime, connect people and devices, and cater for a widening spectrum of uses.

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