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First intuitive monitoring solution for care homes launched in the UK

A new acoustic monitor could be the solution for the rising demand to monitor care in elderly homes.

Staff in homes caring for the elderly and people with learning disabilities, will now be able to identify and respond faster to potential safety issues following the launch of the first acoustic monitoring (AM) solution in the UK care sector.

The technology developed by AM experts, CLB, responds to a recent BBC Panorama documentary ‘Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed’.

The BBC programme also revealed that over a third of homes who have received warning notices from the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, since 2011, are still failing to meet basic standards.

CLB’s has developed AM sensors, which can be installed in resident’s rooms and are capable of identifying concerning sounds without human intervention, such as a cry for help, and alert staff immediately.

waves-300x225When a concerning sound is identified, the instant alerting system ensures staff can respond as soon as an incident occurs.

Mathijs de Bruin, director of CLB, said: “Caring for people with differing conditions is very challenging and it is crucial that we support staff to deliver high quality care. There is increasing attention on the quality of care within the industry and technology can play a very positive role in enabling staff to provide care as and when it is needed.

Stichting Prisma, is one of those care organisations, based in the Netherlands that has worked successfully with CLB. Annalies van Hest, a night care team leader for the organisation said: “With acoustic monitoring, we can help residents live more independently. By taking away the consistent presence of a night care worker, the residents feel like they can do more things on their own and are much happier. The CLB technology is a big part of our organisation and we cannot do without it any more – I think it is the future and its use will continue to increase.”

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