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“Potential to eliminate” cervical cancer in England thanks to NHS Long Term Plan

Hundreds of lives will be spared every year in England thanks to a more sensitive cervical screening test rolled out as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. NHS experts said that there is “potential” to eliminate cervical cancer completely thanks to the change in primary test within the NHS Cervical Cancer Screening Programme, combined […]

Could running a marathon make your blood vessels ‘younger’?

“First-time marathon runners can ‘reverse ageing’ on blood vessels by four years,” reports the Daily Mirror. The headline follows a UK study that recruited 138 healthy adults with no previous marathon experience. The participants then spent 6 months training for the London Marathon. At the start of the study, researchers used a type of heart […]

Clinical Waste Disposal: Reducing Single Use Plastic within the NHS

The environmental, legal and financial benefits of the switch to a clearly identifiable non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste stream have been appreciated by the trust for a number of years now. We were able to switch from rigid plastic to rigid board-based containment for this waste stream which has helped our trust address the requirement to improve […]

Mindray Medical introduces new point-of-care ultrasound system

China-based medical device company Mindray Medical has launched the TE7 ACE point-of-care ultrasound system to deliver targeted solutions in various point-of-care scenarios, such as anaesthesia, critical care and emergency. The touchscreen ultrasound system comprises complete disinfection solution, smart fluid management tools and safe needling toolkit, offering seamless data connectivity. Mindray medical imaging system business unit […]

The 10 greatest medtech advances of the 2010s

10. Neurostimulation for everything Medical device companies already had a few devices out in the early 2000s that used pacemaker technology to treat a few brain and nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s. But the 2010s were the decade when they sought to harness neurostimulation or neuromodulation to treat a whole host of conditions. Here’s […]

5 tips to raise funding for your medical device

Securing funding can be a long and tedious process, and medical device businesses must work to position themselves as especially attractive to potential investors to maximize success and accelerate the fundraising process. Jon Speer, Greenlight Guru According to Alejandro Cremades, author of The Art of Startup Fundraising, it can take from six to nine months to secure funding for […]

Is AI a Fad or a Sure-Fire Thing in Medtech?

The growing popularity of artificial intelligence in medtech was pretty obvious in 2018. The use of AI in creating new applications or enhancing existing ones was perhaps the hottest trend in the medical device industry last year. But that was 2018. What about this year and just what does the future hold for AI. One […]

Election outcome boosts UK jobs market

A survey of 400 jobs agencies by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG showed the numbers placed in both permanent and temporary positions increased last month for the first time in a year.After a year of political indecision in Britain, December’s general election, which resulted in a commanding victory for the Conservatives, appeared to convince companies to […]

7 medtech advances to improve diabetes treatment

Medtech and pharmaceutical companies have made several important strides over the past year when it comes to improving diabetes treatment. Multiple treatments and technologies have cleared regulatory hurdles and are now hitting the market and making the process of living with diabetes that much more manageable. Several different styles of therapy and devices have come […]

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