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Tesla Shows Off Prototype Ventilator For COVID-19 Patients Made Out Of Electric Car Parts

The coronavirus crisis has led Elon Musk to jump into the medical device industry, with SpaceX fabricating components for Medtronic MDT ventilators, corporate donations of BiPAP breathing machines that can be modified for use as non-invasive ventilators and promising to use a Tesla TSLA factory to produce ventilators. Now Tesla engineers have designed a prototype ventilator that uses parts adapted from […]

How the UK plans to source 30,000 ventilators for the NHS

The government is pursuing a three-pronged strategy to source 30,000 ventilators for the NHS to treat Covid-19 patients, ordering newly designed models, scaling up production of existing ones and importing machines from overseas. The defence firm Babcock joined the engineering company Dyson on Thursday in revealing plans for an entirely new medical ventilator working to specifications set by the […]

Medtronic Makes Noise in Surgical Robotics with New M&A

The stakes are being raised in surgical robotics with Medtronic’s acquisition of Digital Surgery, a company that specializes in digitizing surgical protocols to use computing and to support the delivery of consistent, data-driven, and evidence-based surgical care. The deal follows Intuitive Surgical acquiring Orpheus Medical, a firm that provides clinical video capture and imaging documentation […]

Contura wins FDA premarket approval for hydrogel injection

Contura announced that it won FDA premarket approval for its Bulkamid hydrogel injection for treating stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Bulkamid is Contura’s proprietary device designed for treating SUI due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency in adult women with SUI or stress predominant mixed incontinence. According to a news release, the product is currently marketed in more than […]

ountry’s top mental health nurse warns video games pushing young people into ‘under the radar’ gambling

NHS mental health director Claire Murdoch has today called on gaming companies to crack down on gambling addiction risks by banning loot boxes from their products. Ms Murdoch has warned video game firms that they risk “setting kids up for addiction” by building gambling tasks into their games. In response to growing concerns about addiction […]

EpiPen shortages: prospects brighten for UK supply

Patients in the UK have been experiencing difficulties acquiring EpiPens since April 2018, after manufacturing issues caused a series of supply problems. Nearly two years later some pharmacies are still experiencing difficulties getting hold of them, despite supposedly sufficient EpiPen supplies in the country. In an October 2019 survey of 100 community pharmacies in England, […]

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