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Apple files for HealthKit trademarks w/ classifications for watches, fitness sensors, & medical devices

Apple has just filed for HealthKit trademarks in both the US and Europe ahead of iOS 8’s launch this fall and in at least one filing includes watches in a list of goods that could take advantage of the health-tracking software.

While the filing in the US (filed July 31) only includes classifications for computer software and covers the HealthKit text, a filing in Europe (published yesterday) extends classifications to include health, fitness, and exercise sensors, medical devices, and watches:

Of course that would lead to speculation over Apple’s much rumoured iWatch, the one that we reported it has recently assembled a team of health, fitness, and fashion experts to develop. The latest rumors claim Apple could be readying its iWatch for production and a release as early as this fall, but we’ve yet to see any part leaks or other evidence that Apple is getting close to releasing the product.

While the HealthKit app arriving this fall is expected to be the heart of an iWatch product from Apple, the company has also already trademarked the word iWatch in several countries around the globe, including Japan, Mexico, and Turkey. Those trademarks, as well as recently updated trademarks for the company name “Apple”, also include classifications for watches and jewelry like the HealthKit trademark filing published yesterday.

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