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Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency

There are several advantages to using a professional recruitment agency to help find the staff that you need to take your organisation forward. Here is a look at some of the key benefits.

Reduction of In-House Overhead
Maintaining and developing a suitably experienced and knowledgeable in-house team requires a lot of resources in terms of both money and time. Staff need to know the industry inside out and have to be competent in delivering a compliant system. They should be aware of market changes and well versed in how to respond to them and be able to stay up to date with changing legislation and best practices, updating their professional qualifications as required. In-house recruitment teams are often required within larger organisations which wish to retain HR and recruitment as strategic business drivers and meld them with internal communications and culture-change programmes. But for the majority of SMEs, the resource requirement is simply too much to bear. A recruitment agency, on the other hand, offers instant and efficient expertise on a flexible contract basis. It is accounted for as an expense and requires no asset purchases on the company’s part.

Compliant Processes
HR and recruitment are notoriously tricky fields in terms of compliance and legislation changes regularly. For example, there are new rules about temporary and agency workers coming into effect that many HR generalists will not be knowledgeable about. A recruitment agency will ensure that its staff can advise and guide on the latest developments.

Provision of Management Information

Recruitment agencies invest in the latest CRM and client management systems which can provide in-depth and targeted reporting to the client’s needs. Often, these systems simply aren’t available in-house. And even when they are, there usually isn’t the adequate resource to mine them for reporting purposes or develop them further as technologies evolve.

A Cost-Effective and Efficient Service
Managed in-house, recruitment services can become inefficient due to conflicting demands and changing priorities. Managing a commercial outsourced service tends to focus the budget holder’s mind. Recruitment agencies are expert in knowing how to establish service requirements and deliver on them efficiently and effectively. Often they will be much quicker and certainly more effective in finding high-quality candidates and bringing them into the organisation. This is because most recruitment agencies will have access to large networks of pre-screened candidates and referrals. They often work with partner agencies and provide a range of specialist services for particular sectors and executive search where required. Recruitment agencies are also well versed in areas such as employer branding, which can provide an extra dimension of value and support marketing activities.

Outsourcing allows the business to focus on what it does best — and that is running the business. Support services often distract the organisation from its key business deliverables and diverts expensive in-house resources that could otherwise be better used for business operational development and delivery. By outsourcing the recruitment process to cost-effective, efficient and high-value service providers, a mutually satisfying relationship can be achieved and the business benefits quantified.

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