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A new scanner that can predict future health

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With the supplement industry at a staggering £674.6 million in the UK alone its not surprising to learn that this figure is predicted to grow to $207 billion globally a year by 2016.  According to the The Ecologist, the industry is “driven by consumers eager to gobble up fortified, enhanced and enriched products, with multivitamins and fish oils topping the list according to the NHS”; manufacturers, meanwhile, focus on price NOT the quality of the product.

The fact the supplement industry has been ‘a placebo-driven industry’ is not something new. In fact, a leading expert  Dr. Stephen DeFelice, founder of The Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, who coined the term ‘nutraceutical’ in 1989 says the industry has been reluctant to embrace clinical research, meaning many products can’t live up to the claims they make. With approximately 75% of patients buying nutritional supplements with no guarantee that they are effective, its not only the consumers and patients who are losing out, practitioners are too.

Now in 2014 there are a large number of progressive practitioners in the UK and across the US who are adopting a radical NEW approach to the problem. In fact, these practitioners are not only improving the quality of lives for their patients but increasing the turnover in their practices by a staggering £30K a year with no added chair time onto their day. How is this possible?

Enter Dr Lester Packard who has created the ultimate LIE Detector test in development of The Pharmanex ® BioPhotonic scanner ( beating Apple in an Innovation Award at The Stevie’s) where a non evasive skin carotenoid test provides the important indication of the body’s overall antioxidant status.

Packer is the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist and published over 700 scientific papers and 70 books on every aspect of antioxidants and health. And he had questions. How does one truly know if their supplements are working? Do patients know what they want their supplements to do? Would it be possible to not only answer these questions but prove, raise and track a patients carotanoid score with award winning technology and scientifically backed supplements proven to do just that?

With the invention of the scanner, Doctors and practitioners can now without skepticism still talk science while improving the lives of their patients with prevention being their primary goal. The BioScan business is bang on trend considering the predictions of Google’s Ray Director of Engineering and Futurist Kurzweil ( The man who predicted the internet)  who talks at length in the Time Interview about re-programming our biology and a new wave in epigenetics. World renowned Health guru Dr Oz, dedicated a whole show to Packards scanner and the results it proves.

 Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Anti-Oxidants and The Biophotonic Scanner

In consideration of the supplement debate its interesting to quote Sir William Osler, the “father of modern medicine,” who stated “what distinguished humans from animals was the desire to take medicine” Like most of his brilliant aphorisms, it is still true, with the added development that now many of us take pills even if there’s nothing wrong with us. Now we know there is a far more effective way to take pills and “The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.” Richard Cutler, MD  Director Anti-aging Research National Institute of Health.

Practitioners know that by using the scanner and recommending products that actively increase patients carotanoid scores is big news in our industry. Moreover, with kits available to every healthcare building at a low cost this could turn the supplement industry on it’s head and put the profits back into the clinics even social entrepreneurship.

Testimonials From Doctors employing the Scanner program can be see here.


If you are a practitioner or consumer wanting to learn about the bioscan business please email


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